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Over 40 Malt Whiskies to choose from.......

Whisky is Scotland's national drink and is enjoyed across the globe as well as right here in Scotland. Skilled distillers take pure water from crystal-clear streams and plump, golden barley from the fields and transform them into a precious spirit, which is then poured into oak casks and tucked away to mature. The spirit can't be called Scotch until it has aged in Scotland for at least three years. However most single malt whiskies sleep for much longer, before emerging for their moment to shine.

With over 100 active distilleries in Scotland spread across five whisky regions, there are lots of whiskies to enjoy. Each whisky has its own unique flavours and character and whatever your palate, we're sure there's one for you - you just have to taste a few to find it!

Look out for our Malt of the Month and other whisky promotions!

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