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The building of the Tavern itself was built in the mid 1700’s (Cat C listed building), set over four floors it was used as offices in the 1800’s; in 1990 it was granted a liquor license. With it’s rich history, it has kept its charm from centuries past.


Established in 1995 it was originally called The Harlequin and renamed The Castle Tavern in 2007.

The Building

Johnnie Walker.jpg

Striding Man

Johnnie Walker

Life Size Statue in the Beer Garden

Outside the pub we have a life size fibre glass mould of Johnnie Walker, also known as the Striding Man. Johnnie Walker was one of the first globally established advertising icons, created in 1908 by the artist Tom Browne for the whisky brand Johnnie Walker.

He sits on a plinth and is often more photographed than the castle during the summer months. The mould is somewhat a rarity as it shows Johnnie striding right leg first - they are now being made with the left leg striding.

He’s been in the beer garden since 2007. In 2008, the mannequin was ‘kidnapped’ which sparked a police investigation. The mannequin’s body was found in a car park and later on, it’s head was discovered in someone’s garden. The mannequin was repaired by a local and returned to the beer garden.

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